While working on functional automation  projects I noticed that [as the tools come out of the box] there isn't a clear structure in how the tests should be done. Although some tools like Quick Test Pro implements concept of reusable actions many people does not know how to make the best use of them.

I have also come across many repetitive tasks which could be simplified.

When I started creating my first function libraries and small utilities I didn't have a clear intention of developing a framework (nether I know that I will end up with one).

My automation framework is build of function libraries and test cases and test sets building utilities which can set the foundation for any functional testing project.

The advantage of implementing that testing framework comes from the way it separates business logic from test data. It allows experienced automation testers to create Test Components while at the same time other group of testers can design Test Cases and test data.

By employing that approach Test Cases could be prepared even before the application is released for testing and thus significantly speed up the testing process.

My framework is a ready to use product which I had successfully used on many projects.

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