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VBScript is a powerfull scripting language wich could be used to automate most of the tasks in Windows environment including:
  • windows configuration (i.e. windows registry modifications, network interface configuration, windows process management, etc...)
  • via a COM object interface can be used to automate tasks in many applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even Internet Explorer
  • Excel marcos
I learnt VBScript in order to use functional testing tools for which VBScript is de facto a standard.

This website gathers code samples which could be used as a script on its own or as a heling method in your own code.

VBScrip tips and tricks

This section list some "smart" scripting techniques and explanation of some more advanced VBScript concepts.

VBScript - Continue statement - workaround for the VBScript continue statement
Passing Dictionary object as the function parameter - describes the behaviour of the dictionary object when it is passed to function/subroutine as the input parameter.

Converting text to VBScript string - example on how a text containing quotes could be easily translated into VBScript string

Date/Time Processing

List of date/time processing functions

Find nearest weekday - Finds the date of the nearest weekday


List of the functions related to array processing.

Serializing and deserializing two dimentional array - code which demonstrates how two dimentional array can be saved in the flat file and then read back into another array

Find element in the array


This section lists classes which encapsulate various programming concepts.

String Formatting Class
Letter class
LILO queue
Dictionary Dumper

Starting kits

This section lists scripting "starter kits". Thouse are my usual starting points when working on the new utility script.

File Processing utility - Starter Kit

System utilities

This section contains system management scripts.

Get Workstation Hostname - Retrives hostname of the local machine
Map network drive
Adding routing rule from VBScript code

Terminate Process by name - subroutine to terminate all processes by the process name
Count processes

Get Temporary Folder
Path Builder


Other scripts and functions which doesn't fall into one of the above categories.

Generate Random String
Persisting values