I started programming when I was around 14 years old and the first language I have learnt was Pascal which was recommended to me by one of my friends. It was a bit difficult to get learning materials since my internet access was limited to 1 hour a day on a dial up modem. I remember that the connection speed I use to get was less then 10Kbps and downloading a 10 Mb file coul take up to one hour. The programming concept I had dificulties to understand ware arrays. It took me a week to understand whay would I ever want to use them and another few days to learn how to use them.

Delphi has opened for me a comletly new world and introduced me to Windows Forms and some of the object orientated concepts. In order to expand my knowledge I started writting more useful applications for friends and myself. Those included Restaurant menu designer and VAT receipts printer to support my parents buisness and IRC-like chat for use by me and my fiends.

In the mean time I was also experimanting with whole lot of a different languages to understand their differences.

While exploring different programming languages I was also experimenting with Linux operating system. That had lead me to Bash which I felt in love with. It is a beautyfull scripting language which when combined with other Linux utilities can automate virtually every task in that operating system.

Since the C langiage is defacto a standard in Linux environment I was very keen to learn it in order to explore Linux platform capabilities. Although I have never wrote any seriouse application in C under Linux I learn enough of it to write simple utilities.

Another notable language I have programmed in was assambler for x86. It was probably the most oddly-looking language I have ever seen. I remember how supprised I was that that simple operation that would normally take one line of code in a higher level programming language such as Pascal or C would take five or more lines of code in Assambler. I used that language to write a simple device driver for the LPT LED controller. The program would set the LED light on or off depending on the user input. This gave me good inside into internal working of CPU, memory and external devices.

In the recent few years I have concentrated on two of the main development environments .NET and Java. Having used both for a simple project I must say that .NET platform (IDE and the flagship language C#) is much easier to use then Java although Java is more powerfull and multi platform.

I am currently learning enterprice Java trying to put together an e-commerce retail application using Java with JSP, Servlets, EJB and Hibernate.

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